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If you do not have a PayPal account and you are a friend in my contact list, please send me an email in the contact page with your order or telephone and I will print your photographs and after you receive them you can send a check to me.

Two sizes of enlargements are available from any of the photographs shown on the website: 8×10” and 11×14.” The price of an 8×10” enlargement is $40 including mailing costs and the price of an 11×14” enlargement is $80 including mailing costs.
The enlargements do not include mats.
If you want a special size enlargement, please contact me through the website.

All enlargements are printed using an Epson R2000 printer and archival inkjet paper, mainly Hahnemühle Fine Art Inkjet Paper, 100% cotton, textured, style called William Turner, 310 gm2, and Epson Velvet Fine Art Inkjet Paper, textured matte, velvet surface, 100% cotton, 260 gm2.

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